Blurry images

I tried regenerating thumbnails but all my images on the home page look like this.

I don’t know if I"m allowed to post the url but if it helps:

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Cant see the same problem on the website and layout is completely different,
can you update your question?

Colorlib Support Team

I had to temporarily switch over to because this issue made my homepage unusable. I have switched it back to Newspaper X. Please let me know if you have any insight on how to proceed.

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Please try using the following plugin to clear your WordPress cache:

Then try to reassign an new image to the homepage.

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I figured out what was happening. I had adsense code that caused the images to stop loading. What is the proper way to load adsense code?

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You can use this method to load adsense:

also there is a third party plugins for more easy integration