Blurry logo/ please help

Hi there,

I contact you a month ago when I was busy locally with the Illdy site for my client and logo was blurry then.
You advise me to come back to you when the site is on the live server.
So now please check
The logo is still blurry.
I made it in illustrator, then imported to photoshop. Its 200 dpi high resolution and in this screenshot that I am attaching you can see all steps of the logo are nice and sharp, but in the last step after cropping gets blurry.

I don’t want to crop it, but this step comes automatically after selecting an image for the logo, it doesn’t go in his full size.
Please advise!
Thanks a lot!

Hi there

Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question :slight_smile:
Don’t resize your logo when you assigning it from the customizer when you select logo don’t use with and height properties in the customizer, leave the original size of the logo

Colorlib Support Team

Hi there

Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question :slight_smile:
Don’t resize your logo when you assigning it from the customizer when you select logo don’t use with and height properties in the customizer, leave the original size of the logo

Colorlib Support Team

Hi there,

Thanks for your answer!
Unfortunately, I didn’t come further.

What do you mean by "Don’t resize your logo when you assigning it from the customizer "

In Photoshop I don’t resize it.
And when I add it to the media library I don’t resize it either.

Only when I select General Options/Logo/Change logo (then selecting my image)/ then after I select an image, always comes window with cropping. Which I can not skip. For other images, I don’t get it. See (a) image
If I leave it as it is. then it gets cut, see an image (b). Also not good and blurry too.

I made it bigger (long ago) as it was too small for my client and you advise to add this code to additional CSS.
that worked out. But blurry stays. When it was small or big.

Please help, as logo is important to see.
Thanks a lot!!!

/Logo size/
.col-sm-4.col-xs-8 img {
height: 118px;
width: 170px;

Please use this plugin to create temporary access for us, its automatic login link and does not requires sharing your admin details. here is How To guide. at the and don’t forget about  “Set as private reply” at the bottom of the message box  

Hi Noda,

Sounds good! Thanks!

Question: which email shell I put it when I set up this plugin?
I just looked into it and I need some email.
to fill in shell i put: [email protected] or ??
and by name and last name?
and your role will be the administrator?
Are 2 days enough?

I have few more little staff what needs to be repaired. What I wrote in another topic.
Can I ask you then this staff as well?
The logo is most important but would be nice if others are done as well.
Small staff.


Just use your email :slight_smile: we just need a temporary link nothing else

Hi there

I put my email, but it didn’t work out.
As I am an administrator I got the message. Email already in use, so could not get the link.

I checked the tutorial. It’s easy, just need an email of temporary administrator I guess.
Please help.

Don’t understand why is so hard to get a sharp logo.


Hello there,

It seems that the logo is blurry because of its size, so you can try replacing the logo with a larger one so that it will appear better on the site.

Best Regards,

Dear support team,

I tried before many sizes, very big, medium or small, 200 dpi or 72 dpi. Many different ones.

Its illustrator file, vector file exported to Photoshop and saved as png.
It just didn’t work. It is always blurry.

Please help! My client would like to show her site but the logo doesn’t look good.
Original looks sharp.

Which email could I write for this temporary plugin so you can look into it?
My email as I said can’t be used, as its already in the use.


Hi irena

I need to access admin dashboard, so, please kindly provide temporary access link and i will check it

Hi Noda,

Thanks a lot for doing this!!!
Here is the link

I used email from my friend as mine was already in use.

I have many different logos sizes to pick up in the library. Each one has the size in the naming.

Size should be as now for desktop and for mobile 80%smaller.
So should look like this two screenshot.
Ans I hope you can get it sharp :slight_smile:

And if you are already in it. Can you make an image by services visible for the mobile too?
But only one big image as on homepage.
Big thanks!

Dear support,

When do you think you could update my logo to make it sharp?
Big thanks!

Hey tere


The problem here was your css code for logo in the custom css, with this css code you stretched logo image and this was a real problem

Hey Noda,

Thanks a lot! Really appreciate your time! its sharp ;))
Only…It’s just much smaller. Sorry.
Mobile is great but desktop too small.
That was in the beginning why I started with all this logo.
The logo was small so I asked for CSS code. Your team gave me the code as my client wanted the bigger logo.

So now is sharp but again smaller.
She wants for desktop a bit bigger. See image attached.
Above logo as its now and under logo as my clients would like to have it.
So desktop version should have the logo like h123 w176 and mobile stays as it now.

What should I do to get it like this?

Please advise which size logo should I use and which code would I put to get it that way for desktop bit bigger and mobile the same.

Big thanks!

hi Irena

Sorry but without template files changes this is not possible, the logo is resized in PHP on the already defined sizes and we cant change this with css :frowning:

Hi Noda,

Thanks for your response!

Do you mean
a) its not possible to get bigger for desktop and smaller for mobile
b) its not possible to get it a bit bigger at all, for both platforms same size

If b is possible, get logo a bit bigger and still sharp, same size for mobile and desktop,
I would like that.
how can I do that? Logo 10% bigger?



a. not possible without major changes, unfortunately, we cant change this
b. no, because a logo is resized in php and no matter what size of the image you choose it will be cropped anyway if you resize it with css image will be blurry

Hi Noda,

Thanks a lot for your response and explanation!!!
Pity that it’s not possible but at least I know it.
I hope my client can live with this ;[]


There is another topic Illdy
mobile differences/ not totally responsive
that I wait some days for the answer.
can you look into it, please?
Cheers, Irena

I will close this one, you will receive response in the other ticket :wink: