Border around current page in nav bar menu?


I’ve searched the support forum for days, but I can’t seem to find any posts that address what I’m looking for. Basically, I’m hoping to add a box around the current page’s title in the navbar menu, similar to the one shown in my screenshot below. Is this possible?



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This would require you to add custom code in the theme to detect the current age being displayed and then add the border to the correct menu item. As it stands, this is would be considered a customization that falls outside of our scope of support.

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Thank you for your response. Two related questions remain.

  1. Can this custom code be added to Admin >> Customize >> Additional CSS? Or, should it be added elsewhere?

  2. Can my issue be added as a feature request to future Shapely builds? It’s a basic UX principle to provide a site’s users with their current location in the site’s architecture. And the solution I requested does this simply. The Shapely theme is great, otherwise.