Braxit template

Recently purchased the Braxit template, need to adjust this to the project page see this image attached

want to replicate this on some of the pages.

Will appreciate your input

Ok, got it but what exactly do you want to adjust? and how? please also include a link to the page

we want to replicate a similar feature content (sent earlier) as appeared in the above image in this URL Datacenter Technologies| Managed Data Services , just below the 2 images with this caption## Portfolio of End-to-End Konetspace Data Services

Our goal is to make it easy for web users to read relevant content on each page without much ado to open more pages or scroll up and down which may distract them from taking the next action to convert.

Hi Idris

Sir, this is an HTML template, you just need to copy past markup code of this section.
Please note, at least beginner experience is required to work with HTML templates