Braxit testimonial

This testimonial section image replaced was showing abnormally. See attached images, the first image was replaced, check second attached image was the normal image with the Braxit theme, and the image replaced was not showing as expected unlike the second image attached.

We have used different size f many images, yet these images are not good as seen above. What do we do?

Hey there

Please provide a link to this page

we have removed it due to its distortoin of these pages. However, you can check these url and Datacenter Technologies| About us , testimonia section was just above the News and Media

Hi Idris

There is no such section on the links you posted here, sorry but I cant see it

this is the page

Despite the reduction of one of the images to 100 by 100.

How do we resolve this and the form on this page is not submitting either .


Ok, I see it now,
Idris, this image will be pixelated for sure:
100100 image is displayed in the 585585 container, it will be pixelated for sure, try to use image

as you can see your second image is not pixelated:
try to use the size of these images