Breadcrumb NavXT and Travelify


sorry I am a wordpress Newbie. I found the the following topic how to easily integrate a breadcrumb navigation in your amazing Travelify theme:

I installed the plugin and -WOW- there is a breadcrumb navigation out of the box.

BUT I think I need to change something else (maybe in the Breadcrumb NavXT settings) because the navigation on my demo-site has the following problems:

  • NO breadcrumb is shown on my “Posts page” page named Blog. I set the Posts page under Dashboard | Settings -> Reading. If I change the Posts page entry, then the problem occurr on the newly selected page.
  • NO title shown on the left side of the Breadcrumb area. If I open your demo-site you see the page-title or category name on the left side of the grey breadcrumb area. How can you achieve this?

Many thanks in advance…
You can find my demo-site here:

Kind Regards


Then only thing that you are missing is that you have not created blog page properly. Instead of using settings available via WordPress dashboard - Settings - Reading you have to use one of 3 different blog templates included with this theme. For more information on how to use blog template please refer to theme documentation.

Let me know if this helps.

Thanks for your answer. I tried different things but the pages that was set under Settings | Reading -> static page option did not show up with a breadcrumb menu. If i choose the option “Your latest posts” then the breadcrumb menu is shown on all pages.

But this is not a real problem at the moment. I also play around with your other amazing themes “dazzling” and “sparkling” and i am still at the very beginning. All this wordpress stuff is new to me and I want a new homepage with a static, nice looking front-page, a blog section, a Forum, a knowledge base, translation or multi-language, …

Thanks again for your work and your help