Bringing in Full size image into content-entry

Hi Aigars.
Beautiful theme!
This is my first time integrating a hand-coded site into a wordpress theme and i’m struggling.
Main content on all pages needs to be editable by my client and I have that working fine.

I have a different 900px x 402px image to include on each page. My page’s content-area is set up where it will fall directly below the navigation. That large image keeps coming in as 300px x 134px and i am not sure why. My css file has the appropriate container, content, and primary div widths.

My other option is to use it as a carousel image. But i don’t want the slider images - i need a different large image at the top of each of my pages.

Thanks so much! i can send you jpg images of my pages via email if need be

Let’s start with the most simplest thing and continue from there if needed.

Have you selected to show Full Image when adding them to Page itself. Here is an example:

Because 300px sounds like you are using Small image instead.

I want to make sure you got my huge THANKS via email Earlier!

Sorry, but I haven’t received your email. Did you sent it to support[at] or some other email?