Broken Site after recent update

After this recent update my entire front page is broken, and all work that took a very long time to code is now undone. I’m unsure why front page widgets were removed from the theme. I’m not sure if this was a mistake, or intentional, however this hurts my business very badly by ruining all that was enjoyable with the website. I honestly feel sick knowing that all my time i’ve put into doing custom css has entirely been undone. It’s not just homepage that is broke, all of my custom css throughout the site and all of the settings I had gone through and carefully chosen are all undone or no longer applying for some reason. This is horrible to do to businesses, I’m going to have to find a new theme now again after only recently switching to Shapely, this absolutely is the worst thing you can do to people who have only online businesses and use your theme. Please tell me there is a quick-fix for getting this fixed. I really cannot bear the time of setting up another site from scratch.

I have rolled back to 1.0.5 for now to save myself time, if this was a mistake breaking the theme I understand, however if this was meant to be this change for the theme really is not good if our frontpage widgets are breaking!

Tried using 1.0.6 however when I updated, all of my saved widgets disappeared, staying with 1.0.5 for now.

You should’ve made a child theme if you have so much custom code.

I use a child theme, the actual theme broke my entire site. Not quite sure how.

When I reverted back to 1.0.5 almost all of my custom CSS is working again, unsure why some of the titles aren’t displaying in the green they previously were, but sadly this update broke a lot of things with people’s sites. Something far beyond what a child theme could fix.


Can you list what things caused the issue after updating to the latest version, I did in my local and nothing gets affected. List the issue, so that we can able to help you and other users with the same issue. It seems only a few got this issue.

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Hey Laranz, unfortunately i’m not totally sure what is causing this. It seems though that upgrading removes the homepage widgets 100% even removes the widgets in the homepage customization area for widgets as if they don’t exist, as well for some odd reason it undoes my child theme settings. Could it be that when the theme is updating, it’s creating a new folder for itself while still throwing some files in the old version theme folder? It seems odd that my child theme wouldn’t apply fully when I update.

This is EXACTLY what happened to me too. Ridiculous. I lost everything I did

I tried to create the new page but it doesnt work. Lost all the front page.
In widgets section I see that all of the widgets from the home page are inactive.
Could you please help me to fix it?

I tried to rollback to an earlier version of the theme and now my site is completely down

Hi Guys,

Can you try this,

  1. Make sure the theme is up-to-date, and also the plugin shapely-companion is the latest version, Shapely Companion – WordPress plugin |
  2. If all is on latest version, then check the front page and make sure it has the Page template of “Homepage” in Page Attribute in the right side of the edit page screen in Dashboard,
  3. None of your content will be deleted, all will be there, most probably in the inactive widgets., for that, make sure you have all the widgets in to the Homepage sidebar in Appearance -> Widgets, if that is in inactive widgets area, move that to the home page sidebar area. Like this:

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I’ll give it a shot in a few and report back Laranz, thanks for the response.

Hi @shikahgo,

Keep us updated, :slight_smile:


This never worked, the widgets are not in that section.