Broken sparkling childtheme with wp 4.3 Help!

After I updated to wp 4.3 I get this message at the top of my screen on my pages:

Notice: Den anropade konstruktormetoden för WP_Widget har fasats ut sedan version 4.3.0! Använd istället
. in /storage/content/28/102728/ on line 3457

It bascially says the the code “wp_widget” has been fased out and is no longer supported in wp.

Dont know how to fix this on my own, please help.
My page is

tried to disable your plugins?

Thanks but thats not the problem

There are code lines in my 404.php file in sparkling child that are no longer supportet by wordpress. Since colorib themselves created the childtheme for Sparkling I though they might help me update it.

I know the lines of code thqat need updating but dont want to mess around with it on my own since I didnt write the code.

I needed to translate your copy paste :wink:

I have the same error. But i only get this when i acivate a plugin called SimpleMap

Notice: The called constructor method for WP_Widget is deprecated since version 4.3.0! Use


instead. in /public_html/testsite/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3457

So to remove the error you maybe can disable a plugin that you use. But its not a fix.

The function.php named in the line above is part of the main wordpress installation and not part of Colorlib.

To fix this error you should change the code of the plugin with the error. OR the plugin owner should change this. See topic:

So im not sure what plugin your using and that gives this error. But the php file that you looking for is something like widgets.php(located in the plugin) and than find $this->WP_Widget and change it to $this->__construct

I have found which plugin was causing the problem and disabling it removed the error message. However trying to replace the code just gave me a new one, and made the plugin crash.

So I guess I’ll have it deactivated for the time being.
It was “Yet another related post plugin” in its YARP_widget.php file.