Bug form, page 404, modifications of menu code and responsive codes


I just installed this theme, so already a big thank you for your good work.
I looked at all the possibilities of change and customization.
I made some additions of css. It’s simple and it works.
Today I have several questions and unfortunately some bugs to let you know:

  • Is it possible to have the menu and logo fixed to the scroll with an addition of a white background under the menu and the logo (and logo change too)?

  • for the form, I added the captcha plugin before the send button. Unfortunately it becomes impossible to fill the fields. So I deleted it. Where does the bug come from?
    I no longer have the possibility to modify the address, mail and telephone fields. How come? (See capture)

  • Is it possible to add sections with 2 columns of texts or not?

  • What plugin do you recommend to add a pricing table?

  • How can I customize page 404, I have not seen any possibility of doing so?

  • How to modify just the responsive code? I have a problem of display of the section team (see capture)

Thanks a lot for your help.

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  1. Try the following CSS code to change the header:
/*Fixed Header*/
#header .top-header {
    background-color: white;
    position: fixed;
    z-index: 1000;

2.There are no images added to the post. The captcha plugin may have conflicted with the form plugin so you would have to remove the contact form and add it again.

  1. In order to have columns with text you would have to use a third party plugin. Here is a link to help you out:

  2. Here are a few price table plugins that you can try:
    Responsive Pricing Table – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org

  3. Here are a few options to change the 404 page, using a plugin or changing the code:
    404page – your smart custom 404 error page – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org

  4. No image attached or link. Regardless, you will have to change the media query CSS code for the element.

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Thank you for your response and sorry to response you so late.
1- In fact for the menu fixed i want to do like this example : http://ismailsweb.epizy.com/BeeGees/home.html
When I scroll, background color menu, logo and text color change. Is it possible to do that ?
6- Curious, I had sent a screenshot. Here it is again. When I active development tools and click on the title element, I do not see the associated responsive code but just code for desktop version. I would like #header .bottom-header { padding-top: 100px; } and h1 { line-height: 54px; font-size: 50px;}.
7- For the last wordpress update, There is a bug when i click on text to modify. I can’t change text In the area provided for this purpose. (see capture)

Thanks a lot.

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  1. In regards to the menu, here’s a tutorial on how to achieve a floating menu.

  2. Can you send the URL to your website so I can look into this matter for you as we are unable to replicate the issue.

  3. Thanks for highlighting the bug, please submit the the issue in detail, so we can look into the problem.

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1- Thank you for floating menu. I will try to do it.
6- Here you find url to my website : www.ikegai.fr
7- I submitted the isssue. It’s very troublesome, I can’t anymore modify some texts. Thanks for your help.