Bug in shoppingcart?

Hello support,

i have a few questions.
The first question is since a few weeks my shopping cart shows the wrong price. Any idea why this might happen? I attached you a screenshot.

The second question is how do i allign the add to shopping cart? I also attached you a screenshot for it.

The third question is how do i create a navigation for categories?

Thank you very much in advance!

Concerning 3rd question i found a addon which helped me.

The wrong price in the shopping cart seems to be generated through the taxes. Price minus tax is shown in cart. But why?

Sorry for spamming…

Digits are fixed, but the price in the cart is still not showing the price including taxes.
In the last screenshot it should show 10 Euro, but it shows 8.40 (without tax).
Any ideas?

Hey there

I believe this is woocommerce territory and you need to adjust setting in the woocommerce setting, in order to make sure this is Woocommerce part please activate one of the default WordPress theme and let me know if you still have the same problem, if yes, then this means we should check this issue in the woocommerce settings and not in theme,
let me know results :slight_smile: