Bug when refresh home page (not static) on Google Chrome


I am using Dazzling on my website.
I found a bug when I refresh page with f5 on my homepage.
When I arrive on my website I do not have any problem with display.
But when I refresh with F5 or with refresh button the posts is displayed behind the slider…
Have you got any solution ?

I made some changes :
→ index.php → Delete “<?php get_sidebar(); ?>” and “col-md-8” in div because I do not want to use sidebar on my homepage
But I tried with and without and I have the same result… My posts are behind my slider.

You can find screenshot attached with this topic.



It seems to be only on chrome and if i switch between two pages my post appears…


Any information or ideas ?


I have more information about the bug.
It seems to be an issue only on Chrome with flex slider.

When I use debug console on Chrome I find this :

<div class="flexslider" style="height: 0px;">

So i investigated and find this :

element.style {
height: 0px;

But, if i resize my page or move any object in the page I have this
<div class="flexslider" style="height: 583px;">

element.style {
height: 583px;

And it works !

But if I refresh I have same issue.

So, I think we can start with that :

<div class="top-section">

		<?php dazzling_featured_slider(); ?>

		<?php dazzling_call_for_action(); ?>

One of these function generate HTML code I think…

Any idea ?



PS : I think we can find solution here Dazzling/flexslider.css at d55b1b49f0f90d51808a85d3d5300b6d28e622c0 · puikinsh/Dazzling · GitHub
But I am not sure.

Please post your website URL for debugging.

This is definitely not an error in theme on flexslider code but in some incompatibility with other plugins that you have installed or some code customizations that have broken down theme functionality. As you can see there is no problems with Dazzling theme slider on its demo when accessed using Chrome.


Thanks for your answer.
My website : alhorizon.fr



I guess it appears to be some local issue as it does work perfectly fine on all browsers I tested your website. Try to clean your browser and website cache to see if this resolved your problem.