Buttom Search in menu

a question!
how can i disable the search buttom in the menu?

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Kindly use the following custom CSS.

.nav-container .search-widget-handle{

Colorlib Support Team

Hi! but in the mobile menu the buttom still appears :c

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Try this code:


but if it’s not worked please come back with the url of your website

Hi!, this icon doesnt go
My site is https://juliancarvajal.techco.com.co
The icon is in the menu

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But I see code is added and the icon is not visible: Screenshot by Lightshot
Please clear cache and check agian

Yes, in the computer menú, no, but in the mobile menú, yes, pelease put the Page on mobile, and check the menú

I see, sorry, add this code too:

.module.widget-handle.search-widget-handle {
display: none;