Button and link not appearing for parralax section


I have two questions.

  1. I am trying to add a button and page link to a parallax section but the button does not appear. I Had no problem adding button and links to other sections. The attached screenshot show the the button label “Read more” but no button appears. I tried using all the fields and a variety of options but nothing displays. Ideas?

  2. Can I safely update the new shapely theme without affecting my website content and appearance?

The site is http://cityeomedia.com

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  1. Backup your website before you update.
  2. You will lose changes made to the theme IF YOU ARE NOT using a child theme. If you are using a child theme Updating will be fine.

In regards to resolving the problem, It would be best to update the theme to see if this resolves the issue.
If not, you can do basic troubleshooting step such as disabling all plugins except the required plugin.
Also, try removing any custom CSS you may have added in the event these are hiding the buttons.

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How did you solve this issue? I am having the same problem and can not find any solutions. Thanks!

Before doing any thing just make sure you have a complete backup of your webstie

hi @owmyappendix

Which problem? please start a new ticket and I will check your problem