Button color on parallax widget

Hi there, I was checking my website on different browsers and on the internet explorer, the outline of my button is blue instead of pink like I have customised it. On other browsers including safari, it is normal, but on the internet explorer, the outline of the button on my parallax widget is the custom blue, but hover color is pink. why is that the case, I thought I changed all the colour already.

jennywu.info is the website

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Are we talking about the button at the bottom of the page? above footer? in parallax section?
outline of that button is white for me, not blue not pink, is it changed after the question?
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Hi no we’re not talking about that button. We’re talking about the buttons where the image is set to left or right.
On interent explorer, the outline is blue. On safari, chrome and firefox it is pink like I have customised it.

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I tested this issue with Microsoft Edge but the buttons have the same colors, please try clearing the browser cache in Edge and reload the page.

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Hi, Microsoft edge does work. I actually tried on a public computer using internet explorer, and the buttons’ outline colors were blue. I don’t think there is any cache, as it is a public computer and the first time being directed to the website.

I’ve attached images. You can get the idea.


Using a public computer can be troublesome because they may be using an outdated version of the browser or OS, so it would be best to use a pc that is up to date.

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