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I’ve seen a this mentioned a couple of times, but didn’t know if I was missing something. Is it possible for the parallax buttons (and/or the call to action buttons) to open up a new tab? I found a plugin of some kind that made it happen, but it made every button on the page open in new tabs.
In the area where you fill out the information for Button 1 Text or Button 1 Link, I was hoping for a checkbox that gave you the option of opening a new tab, or a new page. The same for the call to action section’s button (CFA Button Link).
Is this possible? Thanks in advance

Hey there

Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question :slight_smile:

Sorry but by default, this is not possible, you have to try third-party solutions or ideas on your website, maybe you can find a better plugin, otherwise, this will require some sort of custom work

Colorlib Support Team