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My blog is in Portuguese www.receitasfaceis.pt but in the end the Older posts button don’t show in Portuguese.
I verified the .po file and the translation it’s correct but it don’t show in Portuguese.

Tanks for your help.

Hi there

Can be fixed by this css code:

a.next.page-numbers {
visibility: hidden;
a.next.page-numbers:before {
content: “portug”;
visibility: visible;
a.next.page-numbers i {
visibility: visible;

Hello ,
Thanks for your help but it doesn’t work.
The text disappeared on the first page and on next pages it shows again Newer Posts in English.
I need that show Newer Posts and Older posts in Portuguese.
Again thanks for your help.

help me with this problem please.

Same issue with me and looking for the right solution. Support help, please.

Hi there

ok, in this case, you may use this plugin to search location of the string and translate it:


Thanks for your help. It worked!

Have a nice day!



I used the plugin in another website and give me this error.

to solve this problem i searched with plugin and edited on wordpress.
don’t use the plugin to edit the code because will give you a error on new worpress version.


Ok, thanks for sharing the solution and updating us

I will mark this case as a resolved