Button Problem issue

Thanks for yours nice theme, Newspaper X. I install and prepared my website with Newspaper X, but I faced a problem. That is button problem. When I click on button through laptop it is working that means its bring to linked website. But when i click on button through mobile it is not working, that means its not bring to linked website.
Please give me solution as soon as possible.

Thanks & Regards
Belel Hossain

Hi there

Please always include a link to your website, let me test it


Can you tell me an example of an element that is not working?
I just tried it and they worked just fine for me


Hey there

I just tried it and all buttons did work for me, I tried on my android phone, is this fixed?
Tell me model of the phone

Hello brother,
Thanks for trying to solve my problem. But yesterday full night I was trying to solve this problem. Lastly, I find out that when I do the slider revolution “on” than mobile is working. Screenshot by Lightshot

But when I do the slider revolution “off”, In laptop has created a problem. Everything of the post shown widely and there are no comment bar. The post is captured full screen. Screenshot by Lightshot