Button Text Color in Sidebar

Hello Aigars!

Thanks for a great theme! I’m enjoying working with it, but learning about the shortcode. I don’t quite get it, yet. When I put a button in the sidebar, my text in the button goes to color of links in the sidebar. I’m wanting to use the button as another sort of call to action, but it turns grey – the color of links – and I’d like it white. How do you add a bit of shortcode to make the text stay white?

Could you please an example code that you used in sidebar?

Hi! Thanks for your reply. I know that I can make the glyphicon white, I just don’t know the shortcode for the text in the button. I’ve not found a list anywhere in EBS docs showing a shortcode tag for the button text color. I created a button in a page and then just pasted it in a EBS shortcode compiler in a widget in the sidebar. I suspect what’s happening is that the sidebar link color is grey so the text in the button is going to go grey instead of white. Here’s the code I used:

[button style="btn-default btn-lg" icon="glyphicon glyphicon-info-sign" align="left" type="link" iconcolor="#ffffff" target="false" title="CONTACT ME!" link="?page_id=23"]

Yes, theme styles just overwrites shortcode style in sidebar. One thing you can do is to write some custom CSS but even easier solution would be to use the same button but as HTML.

<a style="color: #ffffff;" class="btn btn-default btn-lg" href="?page_id=23" target="_self"><i class="glyphicon glyphicon-info-sign"></i> CONTACT ME!</a>

It has inline styling that will make sure to turn button color to white.

Let me know if this helps.