Button URL problem in multiple language site

Dear Shapely theme support,

Our website is nearly ready for it’s launch (I unfortunately cannot specify a link yet).

There’s a few minor things to fix.
One of the biggest issues is that I cannot seem to connect urls behind buttons when I want to link them to pages in differing languages.

For instance:
I want to link to a Dutch (my native language) and English version of an ‘About us’-page in a parallax widget section on the home page.
About us = Over ons in Dutch
Read more = Lees meer in Dutch.

The translation of the buttons runs all nice and smoothly. See attachment.

However, when I try to connect the button to different urls (under ‘Button 1 link’), it doesn’t work. It does show me different windows (see attachment with the blocked out website name). But as soon as I try to link the Dutch button to a Dutch page, and the English button to an English page, the button just disappears in its entirety from both the Dutch and English website after I’ve saved my changes.

Could you please help me solve this (quick)?
Thank you in advance.
PS I use WPGlobus (Plus) for translations.

Can any of you please help? We’d like to launch our website in two days. Thank you very much in advance.


I suggest you, to contact the WPGlobus support for this because they’re saving the data using some format like this,


For links, we are using the standard sanitize functions, so contacting them would be nice, probably they have a solution already.

Let us know,