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I have changed the button style in the parralax section on my front pages by setting the themes default button color to white and used a css code. It worked great, now I have buttons with a white border and text with a transparent background, just like I wanted. Only problem is, that now in all other pages with a white background, like in my bbpress forum, the bbpress submit button is white and with a white background it appears as if the is no submit button at all!

My question is, is there any way, like a code I can use, to keep the white border and text style buttons only in the parralax sections, so that in all other pages I can make the buttons visible again by setting my theme default button color to a color that is actually visible on a white background?

Thanks alot!

Hey there

Thank you for the question, but please always put a link to your site in the ticket


thanks for your reply. Here is a link to my website: https://decor-atelier.dk/

Meanwhile I have found out that what I want is white ghost buttons in the front page on the parralax sections (I have used css codes to make the parralax backgrounds in different colors), and dark ghost buttons on all other pages that I do not create myself, like in bbpress forums and woocommerce shopping cards.

Right now I have turned the background in all pages a little grey, so that the buttons are actually visible, but I want the backgrouns to be white.

I do not now much about codes, but the codes I have used so far, I have found in these forums, and the worked!

I hope you can help!

Thanks alot!

HI there

Ok, please try this CSS code and let me know if it’s ok:

div#shapely_home_parallax-18 .btn-filled, .btn-filled:visited {
background: transparent !important;

Hi, thank you,

the code work that way, it change the buttons to ghost in the parralax sections. But still, if I want them to be white I still have to control that in the appearance- customize- theme-option, and that will make the buttons in all pages white. So is there another code I can use, to get the buttons white only in the parralax sections? And perhaps a code, that will change the buttons in all pages to dark ghost buttons?

Thanks for your help

Hi again,

I found a code in one of the forums that helped me change the color of the buttons. So problem fixed now! Thanks.

But now I have another problem: I have installed user menus plugin but it is not working. I done some search on the problem and found the plugin author claims that it might be because of a conflict with the theme. Do You know about that, and is there an easy way to fix it?

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Hi Nille

what is the problem with the plugin? can you please describe it? I can’t see anything unusual with the header and the menu

Hi Noda,

thank you for your reply.

Well there is nothing wrong with the menu and header, but the user menus plugin is supposed to work that way, it will give me options in the menu customization as to whom I want certain menu items to visible too, like logged in users only. But no options is showing in the menu customization (where I add items to menu), is just like as if the plugin is not installed. I done some search on the problem, and it seems a lot of people experience the same with the new wordpress update. Well the plugin author claims that it is because of a conflict with the theme and not a fault in the plugin.

Can you help, or do you know of any other way, I can hide menu items to not inlogged users? (not just the login/logooyt option, I got that working).

Thanks again for your help

Hello there

Well, that’s my question, how and where to replicate your problem? I need a description of the problem and access to your website to check it

Hello there,

well, I thougt I have given you a description of the problem: the plugin is supposed to give me more options in the menu customization, but it does not.Why that is, I do not know.

How can I give you acces to my website, is there a private link, where I can send login information?


Yes, I understand you, but I also need to replicate it, please provide access details to your website and correct steps to replicate, see your problem