Can i add widget (Buttom and Text) on the backround video?


I just want to ask some customize option for Shapely.

I already add Youtube linked backround video on my main page by Widget - Shapely - Video Section .

Can i add on the Video some Text and buttom like Parralax section. People could click on buttom available on video and link to other page .

For more info :

Thank you

Hi there

Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question :slight_smile:
Im afraid this is not possible :frowning: you can’t add an element to the video like parallax section
Colorlib Support Team

I am just asking to be clear,

In your demo page on main page text available front of picture

Type : We Change Everything WordPress with Download now and Read more sections.

I want to do same , just diffrence is , instate picture i want video backround.

Is this make diffrence between picture or video ?

Thank you


Yes, I understand :slight_smile: i can confirm once again, placing text r buttons on the video is not possible by default :frowning: