Can I have Child theme or a custom page (whatever they call it) in Unite theme?

I want to have posts from 3 categories posted with thumbnails on one page, in 3 horizontal streams, but there is no way I can do it in unite.
According to forum, I need to do something call child theme or custom page which i have no idea how to.

I had been blogging with blogger for 6-7 years and now changing to self-hosted wp and still currently in tech “culture” shock.
Help please??

Could you give me an example from another website that has similar layout? But if I understand you correctly it might be ridiculously difficult to get done if you are not master in PHP/HTML/CSS

I don’t have an example.
I read somewhere on forum something on different type of page templates in order to allow some plugins or design to work.
I just wanted to add widgets to page to feature posts under a certain category with thumbnail and an excerpt but I can’t do it with the current situation.

Nevertheless, it is not a must-have. :slight_smile:

In your case you will have to create a custom Archive page that will display post in a way you want them to be displayed.

Here is great tutorial that will get you started:

It can be implemented via Child Theme as well. The main thing is to take content from existing archive.php and modify it accordingly. This won’t be possible to get done unless you know at least some HTML/CSS. PHP is optional but it could come in handy.