Can I Lengthen the Blog Post Titles?

I always search for the answer before posting but didn’t see anyone asking this (much to my surprise.)

Some if the titles of my posts get truncated in the index page as well as the post page (here’s an example: )
The full title appears in my MailChimp sends, and they would always appear in my old theme. How can I lengthen the number of characters allowed to display for my posts?

Thank you!


You can use this solution:

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Okay, I need a little more help on this. I’ve got the shapely-child theme uploaded into my “themes” folder.
Under the Template-Parts folder there is the content.php file. Do I copy it into the main theme structure, if so - where? Or, do I copy a file from elsewhere into this folder?

It’s the NEXT step that’s missing for me (and probably others) who don’t know all the in’s and out’s of Wordpress.

You have the BEST support I’ve ever seen for well, anything. So thank you for all your help. You need to create a “tip jar” because I would gladly pay you for the support you provide.


No need to copy that in to main theme structure, just upload the child theme I gave in Appearance -> Themes -> Add New, then activate the Child theme. :wink:

Thanks for nice words about our support. :slight_smile: I forward the “Tip Jar” feature to our admin. :slight_smile:

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