can i (should i?) change width of blog?

i feel like i might like more width to the content - which i assume would involve changing the full width of the blog to accommodate - is there a setting to do this? it looks to be about 1024 pixels wide. i’m just wondering how it might look at say 1200 if the extra pixels were all dedicated to content. or would this break the layout? or is it simply a bad idea overall? per this it seems like statistically it wouldn’t do much harm to the average computer user:

thanks for the advice.

You can change website with like this:

.wrapper {
	max-width: 1200px;
.container {
	max-width: 1160px;

However, CSS tweaks won’t be enough and you will have to change featured image size for slider and regular images and regenerate all these image because this process for existing images are not automated via WordPress.

it is doable but you will have to spend some coding and modifying.

sounds like perhaps more trouble than i’d like to get into at the moment. i’ll focus on adding content for now and potentially revisiting this later.