Can No Longer Edit Parallax Sections


I am no longer able to edit parallax sections on my site and images that were in the parallax sections are missing on my home page. (See screenshot)

I used to be able to go to Theme>>Customize>>and then click on the Pencil icon or in the sidebar to edit parallax sections. No longer there.

Now I can only find Theme>>Customize>>Widget Blocks and under Home Page, can move different looking widgets around. These are not the same as the Shapely parallax sections I used to be able to edit. Many of the widgets also have JSON errors.

I have Shapely Companion installed and up to date.

I have not installed any new plugins and do not know when this error began.

Update - I installed Enable jQuery Migrate Helper and was able to get the images to show up. However, the parallax edit option is still missing and same errors under the Widget editor.

Hello Nahnah

I can clearly see all the parallax section on your website, is this problem already resolved?

Hi Noda,

Thanks for following up. The parallax images are now visible, but I cannot edit them. This is what I see (screenshot) when I go to Theme>>Customize.

Hi there

Ok, let me check, please send me your access credentials along with your website URL and I will investigate this case.
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Colorlib Support Team