Can´t add more pages and categories

Thank you for a nice theme.

When I add a new page or category to my menu under “apperence - menu” the one in the bottom disappears
My site is :

I have changed the php.ini file, but that did´nt help.

Kind regards
Pia Madsen

First of all php.ini has nothing to do with WordPress. If you are using Apache then the only custom thing you need to do for apache/php.ini is to enable url rewrite to get fancy permalinks.

Right now you are not using categories like I have in my theme demo: Could you plese explain more about what you are trying to achieve since this theme does work how it should and there cant’t be any compatibility issues with any WordPress version and server setup.

I want to add more in my menu

But when I added the site “gran” under “fra haven og naturen” the site “rosmarin” under “krydderurter” disappeared.
I add sites and categories the same way I allways did, but it´s like I´ve reached some kind of limit and no longer can add new sites or categories?

There are absolutely no limits by theme itself. Here is an example with over 30 menus in one column.

However, there might be some limitation to your hosting account. Here is discussion on this topic where on user reached limit of 90 menu items. I guess you are in the same situation or at least in very similar one.

Installed the plug-in but now some of the sites are shown twice in the menu?