Can’t edit widgets


I hope that you could help. I can’t customise widgets. When I click the little pencil icon, it brings up a box that normally appears for adding a link. Please see the screenshot. The box is in the top left corner.

Is it possible that it was caused by the latest Wordpress update?

Thank you.

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I never have seen anything like that before, please use this plugin to create temporary access for us, its automatic login link and does not requires sharing your admin details. here is How To guide. at the and don’t forget about  “Set as private reply” at the bottom of the message box


Hello, many thanks for your reply. I’ve discovered that the problem was caused by one of the installed plugins, not compatible with the latest Wordpress update.

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Hi! Yeah, I think that Wordpress updating could be a reason. Could you back up to earliest version? I believe that it could help.

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ok, you can use this plugin to downgrade core of WordPress: