can´t find inc/widgets


maybe this is a stupid question. I want to change some things on my home-parallax-page and the topics I found here say the related phps are at inc/widgets/…
But I don´t have that folder. What am I doing wrong?


OK, I found out that in the new version this archives are in


Now that they´re in a plugins folder, what do I have to do to modify them? Do I have to make some sort of copy so that my changes don´t disappear when there´s an update of the plugin. (Same thing happens to me with some files in the jetpack folder concerning the portfolio setup.)

Thanks for the help.


Hello Anna,

I hope you are doing well today.

You would have to make a backup of the plugin in case the changes that you make have adverse changes to the theme and plugins. The theme does allow you to make changes via Appearance > Customize but what are you trying to change exactly?

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