Can´t Upload images on Parralax

Good afternoon
I have the site made a few months ago and when today I went to try to change some images of the site, an error arises.
When I try to change the photo of Parralax, when I click the “Upload Image” button, the page resets and does not show the photo gallery.
I already have the latest version of Wordpress and deactivated all the plugins except the two of colorlib, as you can see in the attached images.

How can I solve this problem?

Hello there,

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Please try using the following plugin to delete your WordPress cache.

it may be the case that you need to increase your upload limit in WordPress. Please have a look at the following article explaining how to do so:

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Good Morning

Thanks for the help, but none of the procedures helped resolve the issue.
However, I remember that when I started the website construction, I used the www / wp directory, but in the meantime I decided to move the site to the www root directory.
Could this be the problem? If so, how can I change the paths?

Thanks again