Can we have Illdy portfolio page such as the one in Shapely

Hi Colorlib,
Currently im using Shapely and i like it, but im thinking to change to Illdy, i have tried it but i dont like the portfolio style. So i have a few questions,

  1. How to make my portfolio page in Illdy looks like in Shapely, which is only the featured images in grid layout without the contents.
  2. All my projects in Shapely were not shown in Illdy homepage “Project” area. When i added new project to he homepage widget, it didn’t show in my portfolio page. Seems like my portfolio contents in Shapely became useless in Illdy.
  3. I saw in other theme (not from colorlib) that 2 project types that i put under portfolio in menu, they changed into masonry style when i opened any of those 2 menus. While when i use Shapely the format is showing everything, featured image, the contents, even share buttons. The portfolio images shows in grid only when i open portfolio menu.
    So in my primary menu it’s like this : Portfolio (post type archive)
    Artworks (project type)
    Fashion (project type)
    So, can you help me on how to make the layout at become grid in my project type pages (for shapely and illdy).
    Thank you in advance and thank you for the free theme as it’s really good for newbie like me to understand about web theme.

Hello there,

I hope you are doing well today.

  1. In order to make the Illdy portfolio look like the shapely portfolio it would require the theme to be reworked extensively because the coding and design are very different.

  2. The theme handle the Projects and Portfolios differently, so you would have to go to Appearance > Widgets and add the Illdy project widget to an available widget area then assign the projects there.

  3. Having the portfolio displayed as a grid would require a third party developer to make changes to the code of the theme. This would be a customization request and falls outside the scope of support that we can offer.

I am sorry for the inconvenience caused here.

Best Regards,