Can you help this old dog in learning a few tricks? (front Page)

To the wonderful people here:

Bless your hearts!

I am a 70-year-old woman who is trying to make a website that sells some dog collars, and I am having troubles with making my site.

Most importantly, my website does not show the Products Preview that the Tyche theme is showing.

The front page of my site just literally says that: Front Page and then Front Page. If I enter into my admin account, I can see the product’s preview but if I enter incognito, as what my grandnephew would tell me, it will show just front page.

Can you help this old lady?

Is it also possible to add authors on the lower part of the site?
and a contact us page or link in the down most part? the area at the last part colored in black that says meta?
and the head picture is also too large, is there any way to make it smaller and more readable?

Thanks to you my dearies.

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  1. The frontpage uses widgets to dis play the content so go to Appearance > Widgets or Appearance > Customize and ensure that you have content added there.

  2. In order to add the author in the site you can go to Appearance > Widgets and add a text widget to the sections that you want the information to appear.

  3. if you want to add a contact us page, then go to Appearance > Install Plugins and ensure that you have installed and activated the Contact Form plugin, you need this to work with the contact form page then go to Appearance > Customize > Theme Options > Contact Page and fill in the information there.

  4. That is a footer widget you can edit it via Appearance > Widget > Footer.

  5. It would be better to resize the image itself then re-upload it but you can use the following CSS code to change the height of the image by going to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS and pasting it there. img {
    height: 496px;

.owl-carousel.owl-drag .owl-item {
    height: 496px;

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Good day!

Thanks for your help! Is there any way that I can also change the width using the code? I tried to use your code but for some reason, there will be a space between widgets and the add to cart button will not be present for the products.

Is there a widget where I can add a text and then links?

I am still trying to learn more about woocommerce and wordpress and it is a doozy but with your help, I hope that I can learn a lot.
Bless your hearts.

Hello there,

What element’s width are you trying to change?

You can use the text widget to add text but to add links you need to add some code:

<a href=”http://www. WEBSITE GOES”> Your Text Here </a>

You can use the following resource to learn about Woocommerce, the videos are really short and to the point:

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