Cannot edit CSS in Child Theme

I want to make some slight edits to the color scheme of my website, I want to change the buttons and dots to orange to align appropriately with our branding. I created a child theme, but only see this in CSS editor:

Theme Name: IAD Theme
Description: This is IAD’s website theme.
Author: Corey Axelrod
Template: illdy

(optional values you can add: Theme URI, Author URI, Version, License, License URI, Tags, Text Domain)


I also see ‘Edit CSS’ under the appearance section and tried adding code to make edits, here’s what I added:

#header .bottom-header span.span-dot {
color: #FFFFFF;

Nothing has changed, please advise what I may be doing wrong. Thank you!

Hi @iadpresident,

  • First, make sure that the child theme is activated: Appearance> Themes.
  • Second, make sure that in your child theme style.css you have after the */ the following sentence:
    @import url("…/ildytest/style.css" If you don’t have, add it.
  • Third, if the editor does not work, try to use a css plugin editor:
    Simple Custom CSS – WordPress plugin |