cannot edit entry - Customize


I am trying to edit the Entry field in Customize-About Section-General but apparently the field is missing.
In the videos it was available. (check the attachment)
How come?

The issue seems to repeat for all the Sections - Entry/

Many thanks!

Hello @banone,

This is quite strange, as I see the entry field for about section to be in place ( see image attached )

I know that there’s some similar issue with the contact section, but the about, projects, services and team seems to be working just alright.

Can you please share the theme version that you are using?


It.s version illdy.1.0.29. Very strange indeed.
The same issue happens for all the sections.


Hello @banone,

As of version 1.0.29, you need to install the required Illdy Companion plugin and everything will get back to normal.

The contact entry field will be fixed in the upcoming theme update, so please bear with us for a couple more days.


Thanks, I will wait for the update.

Best regards

Thank you for your patience!