Cannot find Blog Template


Before I updated to the latest version, it worked fine with the Blog Archive. But now, in the latest news section, I have these problems:

  1. I cannot create a page named Blog and change the page template to Blog. I only have default template, left sidebar and no side bar.

  2. Then I cannot add the URL for Read More button under the Latest news. However I can change the text, but it doesn’t make any sense then :confused:

Thanks for your help!

I got the same problem and solved it really easy: just create a new page, name it Blog and nothing else. There isn’t a template for blog to set, just create the page, name it blog an nothing else.
I don’t know how and/or why but the button will set itself to your blog section and all the post will shown

I found the solution: I can assign “blog” in Setting → Reading → Posts page → Choose a page. But the problem is that this page will only apply to the button in Latest News. Because my site is bilingual, I want to have the same function in another language, but I cannot create 2 pages like this. In the prev. version I luckily could!

Anyway, problem (partly) solved then :slight_smile:

Indeed, the plain blog page template has been removed in the latest version, as far as I know you can only use the blog page if you set it up as a static page in settings > reading.

You can find new field for custom dedicated blog page so maybe that could greatly assist you with translation.

Let me know if you got everything alright and if there’s anything else I can clear out for you.

Best regards

That is right, Ngoc-Quyen.
The “Illdy Theme Documentation” currently still shows the template in the video. But you have to assign a static page in settings > reading as “Posts page”. Then it will appear under “Posts” as “Blog — Posts Page”.

Hi @hklinke,

Thank you for your help,


Hi @hklinke,

Thank you for your help,



I have the same issue here of setting up the blog page and the name in the navigation bar, and the tutorial got me more confused (no “blog template” as far as I understood, but also it seems that there is no section to put a link for the button). I read all the answers above and tried so check in READING, however, the blog link is still not working. Could you please give us clear instructions from the beginning? Many thanks for it.