Cannot find where to change the image just below the header

There is a default image that loads just below the header bar. How do I change it? It. It is not the “Background image”. I have set the slider to one image only.

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Where exactly? Please always include direct link to the page

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Hey there

Please check our documentaiton on that questions :slight_smile:

Again, thank you for the reply.

Unfortunately, the documentation doesn’t help. I had looked it over before and tried the things it mentioned, aside from building a new custom menu - (instructions for which did not mention how to control the height of the menu).

I see no way to change the image on the current landing/home page.
If I add a “Background image” (which is a separate control from “Header image”), it appears only in the header area. If I add a “Header image” it doesn’t show up at all.

I can not “select” the existing image to edit or replace it.

Also, on all the other pages, there is a different image (mostly pink,) which I also can not replace. If I add a “Feature image”, it appears below the full-width pink picture (see the “Design” page.)

Can you help?


Ok, I will show you, please provide access details to your website in a personal message and I will check it

Excellent. Thank you for offering that support. I look forward to learning how to solve my problems on the site I am building. I am usually quite capable with a PC, but I do not know how to send you a personal message. I do not have your personal email address. How should I send a personal message to you?


Just click on my name here, and you will see an message button :slight_smile:

Noda -
I sent two emails to your address [email protected] with the requested details, but I haven’t had a reply.
Your offer to help me is greatly appreciated. Let me know if you need further information.


No, please send it here, I can’t read that mail

I just sent you a message here