Cannot redeclare Dazzling_header_menu

Hello and good day to you all,

I am using child theme where I have changed the original Dazzling_header_menu so the navigation could be 3 levels deep. Worked fine until the recent update of the theme since when I am getting the error: Cannot redeclare Dazzling_header_menu

I am not quite sure why is that happening.
Thank you for advice.

Hi @gularis,

Sorry to hear of the problem you are having.

The latest version of theme doesn’t wrap the function dazzling_header_menu in function_exists condition so if the function is overwritten in child theme then the theme generates error Cannot redeclare dazzling_header_menu

I could confirm the issue on my test site therefore i have notified the theme developer about it so that it can be fixed in the future version of theme.

In the meanwhile to fix this issue please rename the function dazzling_header_menu in your child theme to dazzling_header_menu2 and copy the theme header.php file & add it in your child theme directory then in that file also rename the function call dazzling_header_menu to dazzling_header_menu2.

Best Regards,