Cannot Upload Zip File to Wordpress

When i try to upload the Colorlip zip file (Findstate) to Wordpress theme but failed.
Wordpress said that it is lack of style.css in the installation files.

Hi there

Most probably you are uploading HTML template into the WordPress themes, please check


Could you please provide the steps how to upload HTML template from zip files into the WordPress

Hi Kenny

It’s impossible to upload HTML template into the WordPress themes, WordPress themes are different, please do research this question in the web for more detailed answer

Before ordering your Colorlib, I have seen this website
How To Start A Blog From Scratch Using WordPress - Colorlib
which show upload the theme into Wordpress easily

But now cannot upload, is it deceive?

@Kenny WordPress themes can be uploaded in WordPress, but not HTML templates, you have purchased HTML template, and its impossible to use them in the WordPress