Can't change sidebar in 'Post-Page' (Blog)

I have a small problem with my ‘Blog-page’, I can’t find the solution in this forum or elsehwere.

I have a static Front- page (home) and my ‘post page’ is my Blog.

Normally I can adjust the right side bar on my “Blog page” with logic widget. I want to show my last messages and a twitter widget. Once I made my Blog page my ‘Post page’ the right side bar shows a searchbar, Archives and Meta widgets in english.
But as you see my english is not that good so I want to change it :slight_smile:

What do i do wrong? How do I change the sidebar on the ‘Blog-Post page’?

Website: (I made a blog 2 page for show what i mean.

Hopefully you understand what I mean and I look forward to get a answer because I like the Unite Theme!

Problem solved. I used the “Display widgets”