Can't Delete Bottom Footer Either

On the bottom of my website,
there’s some sections that say… PRODUCTS… Support… Support… Information.

I’m able to edit PRODUCTS but can’t edit or delete those other sections (support, support, and information)
I’ve searched all over on how to fix this.
Please help here too.

Hey there,
Hope you’re doing well today

It seems you’ve managed to remove the footer sections. Did you get to resolving this issue?

Please let me know so that I may mark the issue as resolved or provide you with further assistance.

I look forward to your reply :slight_smile:

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Hi! Maybe I’m calling something a footer and it’s not? The issue is still there. Please check out and scroll to the bottom where it says,
PRODUCTS…. Support… Support… Information.
That’s the issue I’m talking about. See note above.

Hello there,

Thanks for clearing that up, however at the bottom of the page I do not see “PRODUCTS…. Support… Support… Information.”

Attached is an image of the bottom of the website.

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Hi! I apologize. After playing with it some more after replying to you, I decided to just disable the section. Thank you for your help! You can consider this resolved.