Can't edit pages!

Hi there

I’ve just updated my site and have lost the ability to see or edit the content on pages.

Most recent update - was the Shapely theme (but it can’t be that).

The pages are built with a page builder (site origin) but that’s all been working fine.

Can you help at all.

Please see screenshot. When you click the ‘text’ tab- you can see loads of code (and not the unformatted version of text you would normally see).

When you click ‘Visual’ you see nothing.

Please see attached image. In that image i have highlighted all content in the content area of the page to show you whats there.

Please HELP!

Thank you

In a separate private message I’ll send a login which I’ll deactivate in 3 days (please send me your email address).

p.s. I have deactivated all plug ins i don’t need to use.

Hi there

Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question :slight_smile:
Make sure your page builder plugin is active and is working normally, this is not the theme or WordPress problem, page builder is disabled and you just need to enable it again and producers for this might be different for different page builders. you can check the documentation of the page builder for more details

Colorlib Support Team