Cant edit theme colors or replicate demo appearance?

okay first of all, I cant change the colours of the theme from yellow to my chosen color of purple? For example the ‘about’ button and the full stop in the title. In the demo it showed going to customise > ‘about page - front sidebar’ just under the ‘general’ tab but i dont have that option? I only have the ‘general’ tab

Also it shows in the demo there’s a very stylish project section as well as the section showing the strengths of their work (e.g the bar with 70%) but i cant seem to find out to do that?

any help will be VERY appreciated as i love the look of this theme but can’t seem to work it out.


Hello @fitzy,

This is quite strange, are you saying that in Customize > About, you don’t see the front sidebar below the general?

Maybe you can try to update the theme first:

To create your about skillbars and also the project sections, you need to add the [Illdy] - Skill and [Illdy] - Project to the Front sidebar.

Let me know if you got this alright.

Best regards


Thanks for getting in touch, yes I just downloaded the new version you linked, thanks for that, but the option for ‘front side bar’ still doesn’t appear under general :frowning:
[i have attached a screenshot of what I see]

Hello @fitzy,

Is it possible to provide me temporary admin dashboard access so I can have a look for myself and investigate if there are any errors in the customizer?

Sorry for the inconvenience!

PS: If you can provide me access, don’t forget to mark the message as private

yes thank you, the account is:

Email: [email protected]
Username: colorlib


Hello @fitzy,

I need the website link, as well :slight_smile:

Thank you

oh sorry!

Hello @fitzy,

Problem solved, you had to select your latest posts as the front page display in Dashboard > Settings > Reading.

Let me know if everything is alright now.


Perfect!! thank you so so much!

Sorry for all the questions but;

  1. do you know how to change the button colours for all the ones on the page? I found a previous thread where you showed someone how to change the colour for the button at the top of the page, it worked but what about other ones? example on I have a ‘see blog button’?

  2. i would like to change the hover colour? I added “#header-button-two:hover {
    background: #80057e;” but it didnt seem to work… anyway around this?

Help very much appreciated, thanks.

Hello @fitzy,

Try using this code instead, it needs better selectors:

#header .bottom-header .header-button-two:hover {
background: #80057e !important;

For the news button use this code:

#latest-news .latest-news-button{
background: #f1d204;


brilliant thank you! i used that structure of coding for the other elements like the menu at the top and it looks great thanks!

Hi again,

Do you know if there’s a way to edit the css of other pages? (there’s only one .css file and it seems to be for the home page only?)



Please provide more information about what you want to achieve.

The CSS for all the pages is in the same file


On other pages the theme colour seems to be yellow but i want to change it, how would i go about doing that? for example on i would like all yellow aspects to be purple?


Change this CSS code:

#header .bottom-header span.span-dot {
    color: #ffde00;
.markup-format a {
    color: #e2c504;