Can't import Shapely demo content

I recently uploaded Illdy theme and then decided to try Shapely. I can’t import the demo content. There are titles and a blank white page.

hey there

The import script will only run on a blank WordPress installation, so, make sure you are using a fresh database :slight_smile:

Thanks Noda. How do I make my WP site blank? I cleared the cache but it didn’t help.


You may use this plugin to reset it: WP Reset – Most Advanced WordPress Reset Tool – WordPress plugin | :slight_smile:

Thanks Noda. I really just want to test it out and see what my content looks like with Shapely now that I’ve done a bit more work on my website. If I do that would I still be able to go back to Illdy if I want to?

Well, no, such a thing is not possible, I think you don’t need to import demo to see how Shapely works, just activate and play with the theme options to see if you like your content on the new theme, I think demo import is not necessary in this case and its also not suitable for you since you ant o keep your content