Can't open Woocommerce product page on mobile/tablet

Hi, there!

Thanks for the beautiful theme!
I installed dazzling theme for my website (Site)
Everything was fine when I opened the site on PC.
But when I tried to open the Woocommerce product page on mobile, the buttons were not working.
(the buttons were also not working in the preview for customize theme)

I read some other posts in the forum and added custom CSS, but it did not fix the problem.
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Does anyone knows how to fix that problem.


Hi @swhk2016,

Use this css code:

.side-pull-right #primary {
    float: none;

Problem solved!
Thank you so much!!


I’m experiencing the same kind of problem. I’m not familiar with coding. Could you help me solve the problem, please?


Hi @amsh,

Please post a new thread and please mention your live website so we could check.