Can't remove word "Archive." from main page

Can’t remove word “Archives.” from main page

How do I remove it? (Sometimes it appears as another word.)

Please give VERY “instructions for dummies” answers. I’m not computer savvy.



Here is a screen shot

Hello @garyisadragon,

It seems like you are no longer using our theme, that makes me sad :frowning:

Please have a look here at issues #2 as you should not see any archive on the homepage, and you should also be able to remove it from Dashboard > Appearances > Customize > Jumbotron

Let me know if you gave it another try and everything is running as expected.


Hi Ion,

I am having the exact same problem.
I tried both of your suggestions above, but still no change. I also deactivated plugins to see if that changed anything. It only seemed to have happened in the past couple of days as I never use to have the problem.
So on my main page/home page, instead of Nosadnomad (my title), it displays “Archives”.
When I edit the title under APPEARANCE>CUSTOMISE>GENERAL OPTIONS>SITE IDENTITY> “SITE TITLE”, it seems to change it, and when I save the changes, it stays as NOSADNOMAD, but when I leave the customise page, it reverts back to “archives”.
Please excuse the state of my page, I just published it so you could view it :).

I am using Illdy theme.

I look forward to your reply and any help you can give me :).

Cheers, Sam

Hello Sam,

Please have a look here at issue #2 at it looks like the homepage is not setted up alright:

Let me know if this fixed the issue or there’s something else that I’m currently missing.


Hi Ion,

Thanks for that, we have tried that also! Please look at the website now and see that we tried to make the new page as it said, but no luck :(.

Any other suggestions? Thanks so much :). If it can’t be resolved, do you recommend any other themes from colorlib that are similar/ nice for travel blogs? There are so many to look through!

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hello Sam,

This is extremely strange as I cannot tell how you are still displaying the blog posts page as the homepage if you have selected a static page.

Please see the attached picture and create a blank page to be selected a the static from page in Dashboard > Settings > Reading and the homepage should just display the default demo page.

I cannot really recommend you a theme since there are just infinite options for travel solutions, but it seems like or should just work like a charm for what you are looking for. Better yet, you can find the best premium themes on the market a search in the collections: WordPress Theme Collections 2021 - Colorlib for travel themes compilations: 50 Best WordPress Travel Themes 2021 - Colorlib

If you still cannot make Illdy to display as you wish and you want to give it another try, I would love if you can provide me temporary admin dashboard access via a private message so I can have a live investigation.


Thanks for that,

I had another go but I don’t like the look of the static page, so I chose ‘your latest posts’. I want it to look like it does with just the blog posts on the front page and my widgets - but to have my site title displayed correctly. Is this no longer possible? Maybe I’m just doing something wrong :/.
I added a plugin for temporary access but I think I need your email address? Or is there another way you would prefer?

Many thanks,


Hello Sam,

It seems like indeed this is not possible at the current moment so I will have to track your request and improve the behaviour in the upcoming theme update.

You can set up the account directly with an username and password or use my personal email: [email protected], but it seems like I cannot do anything about it as the option to display your website name is missing.

If you are comfortable doing some coding I can try my best to guide you around to manually add your website name instead of the archive text.