Can't work in the Theme Options

When I click on ‘‘Theme Options’’, all I see is the support and documentation box + two buttons (restore defaults & save options).
I see the tabs: Main, Action, Typo, ect… but when I click on one of them, nothing changes.
So… help?

Try to disable all plugins to see if this resolves your problem.

If not, try to reinstall this theme. You can do it by completely delete this theme and install it again.

If none of above help have a look in your web hosting log file to see what errors your website throws when you try to access this section.

Let me know if this helps.

Hi, thanks for this fast answer.
I’ve tried to disable every plugins & delete/install the theme: same problem. :frowning:

I am not a developer - I don’t know where to find (and what is) my web hosting log files. Anybody who could help on that?

Thanks once again for your answer.

Try to install Sparkling theme as it uses the same Options Framewok for Theme Options panel. Just to test if it is working on your hosting environment. You can also find it between all themes on and inside your WordPress dashboard when looking for new themes.

Some other users are having the same problem, so you might look into this thread as well.