Carousel Image Bottom Margin on Unite theme frontpage

Hello, I’m using Unite Theme with a simple static homepage with only one big welcome image.
Between that image and the footer there’s a large white space. A little space is for the “edit” button, but the space is much more large than the one for the edit button.
Unfortunately I’m using only in local on my pc so I can’t give the Url of my site yet.
I’ve made a screenshot of that white space
thanks for your awesome work

You can reduce that blank space by adding this CSS code to Appearance >> Theme Options >> Other >> Custom CSS.

.home .hentry {
    margin-bottom: 0;

.home #colophon {
    margin-top: 0;

If this doesn’t help, please notify me once your website is live and I will try to help you from there.

Impressive, it worked!