Carousel Image Causing Other Elements to Appear

Hi, I’m just starting on setting up a wordpress website, and I really liked what Unite looked like in its demo.

I’ve installed the theme and worked through the process and I’ve been experience technical difficulties with my Carousel. For starters, the carousel isn’t centered, but thats a minor problem. The real issue is the carousel causes these weird gray ellipses to randomly show up (and I can’t get rid of them). You can see them in the attached screenshot, or actually at the website itself (

I don’t know what I’m doing :frowning:

You have some random code around slider shortcode. I am guessing that there is some paragraph tags and something else.

Make sure to remove any code that you have above or below slider shortcode. You can switch to Text (HTML) editor for WordPress and there you will see these <p> tags or some other HTML tags around slider shortcode. Remove them and update post and you will be good to go.

Regarding slider centering.
Your image appears to be too small for slider. I can provide some CSS code that will stretch it from one edge to another edge of post content but it would be a much better idea to upload image that doesn’t need to be scaled.

Let me know if you need any further assistance with this.