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I want to change something at the carousels in the homepage. There are 2 buttons above the carousel (next/prev).
I would like to modify the function for the prev/next buttons. When i press the next button, it shows one more product, the slider changes with 1 position. I want this to change to 3 items. When i press next/prev the slider should change all the 3 products. Can you please help with some guidance?

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IM so sorry to say but this is not possible from default theme options and customization of the theme is necessary to achieve such behavior :frowning:

Colorlib Support Team

Can you please tell me which are the files for this carousel?

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You can access the slider file via Appearance > Editor > template-parts > main-slider.php.

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Hello. Main-slider.php isn’t the one responsible for the biggest slider in this theme? I wanted to know about the products slider, the ones that are like widgets in the customization. Where you put the most wanted products for example, where there are 2 buttons, next/prev to show other products. Those two buttons i want to modify, when i click one of them i want to appear 3 new products, instead of one, like now… Please advise.

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The file you need is: tyche\assets\js\functions.js

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Thank you very much. I managed to do that :slight_smile:

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I am glad the solution worked for you.
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