Carousel V01: start-up, follow-up

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Hi there

I can see photos are normally displayed, they are just not properly cut:

Slider is functioning normally for me

Exact the same view as mine! Excuse!
3 photos. It is a screenshot of 3 of them together in the W. Explorer (Map). They are not o.k. photographed! Are photos of a lecture about Bernini yesterday, teh 3 first of a serie.

Hi there

To be honest I’m still not sure what exactly is your problem, not properly cropped photos or carousel functionality? from what I see carousel is functioning just fine

Again: I took some other photos, please now look again, on my computer the pictures are not complete. The slider itself performs o.k., but the sizes of the pictures are wrong.

The original photos put into the slider.


Got it :slight_smile:
You are trying to place portrait images into the landscape frame, it’s possible but it will always have a crop, try to use landscape photos when you want to place them in the slider, something like 1980*1080 or similar size images

I saw that the format is: background-img: I could not change the size with: height 100vh, inline CSS, it does not respond. Other means: I don’t know.
I think the slider is not suitable for my photos: they have all sizes, tall/broad, so background-img: not suitable as a slider for me … true thoughts?

You could look again: width all three: 1900 px, height according to aspect ratio.


Nope, you still have a problem with the image aspect ratio, right now you have 1900 * 1425 which is not the best for a landscape slideshow

Just try this css code to see how your photos fit into the slider:

.owl-carousel.home-slider .slider-item {
    background-size: cover;

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Sorry, I posted the wrong CSS code, actually, I wanted write Contain as well since Cover is the default state in the code :slight_smile:

Ok, if it suits you thats fine :slight_smile:

Found out it myself :). I learned that ‘contain’ fits the vertical field and keeps horizontal after ‘aspect ratio’.
Cover should keep 16:9 but in my examples: all fotos are not complete expressed, why, I don’t know. I keep the ‘contain’, good enough so. A frame on the page would be my next step, instead of a ref-link.

Question: How can one stop the carousel while watching? In order to look longer to a foto. And, can the speed be adjusted? Did not find the right spot in the index… Thanks.